Tewkesbury Borough Plan Public Consultation

The Preferred Options Tewkesbury Borough Plan was approved for public consultation at a meeting of the Borough Council on 26th September 2018.

This consultation will take place for the minimum statutory 6 week period between the 10th October 2018 and 30th November 2018.

All comments must be received by 5pm on 30th November 2018. Comments received by the deadline will be considered and will help to inform the preparation of the plan.

Anybody wishing to make comments on what the Tewkesbury Borough Plan should contain you can respond to the consultation via our website: www.tewkesbury.gov.uk/boroughplan where there is additional information about submitting representations. In order to make it easier to submit responses an online consultation form has been set up and people are encouraged to use it to make their comments. This form can also be downloaded so responses can be emailed and posted to the Borough Council.

Representations on any of the documentation should be made in writing, either via:

· the online consultation available via: www.tewkesbury.gov.uk/boroughplan
· by email localplanconsultation@tewkesbury.gov.uk
· by post to: Planning Policy Team, Deputy Chief Executive’s Unit, Tewkesbury Borough Council, Gloucester Road, Tewkesbury, GL20 5TT

Supporting documentation can be viewed on the Borough Council’s website at www.tewkesbury.gov.uk/boroughplan or at Tewkesbury Borough Council’s main offices (at the above address) and at all libraries and Advice Centres in the borough – opening times and other details are available at www.tewkesbury.gov.uk.

If you have any other questions on this consultation, the Borough Council’s Planning Policy Team can be contacted on planningpolicyenquiries@tewkewsbury.gov.uk

Gloucestershire – Looking to the Future

Gloucestershire County Council is ambitious about what it wants for the future of the county and how its going to make it happen.

Looking to the Future sets out the council’s vision and level of ambition for the county over the coming years, and what it will do to support improved outcomes and quality of life for every community and business across Gloucestershire.

Adapted from those established through Vision 2050 to reflect the role the council plays, Looking to the Future sets out nine ambitions for the future of the county:
· A Magnet county – A growing working age population, with more 18-40 year olds with high level qualifications choosing to live and work in the county
· An Innovative county – More businesses starting up, growing and investing in research and innovation
· A Skilled county – More people with high-level skills and jobs in skilled occupations
· A Prosperous county – Rising productivity and household incomes offering higher living standards
· An Inclusive county – The economic and social benefits of growth to be felt by all
· A Healthy county – People to have a good work/life balance and improved health and wellbeing
· A Connected county – Improved transport and internet connections so that people and businesses can connect with each other more easily
· A Sustainable county – More efficient use of resources and more use of sustainable energy
· A Resilient county – Active, resilient local communities that keep people safe, provide them with support and help them to make a positive contribution

Under the following headings, a range of actions have been set out in Looking to the Future, that will help achieve these ambitions:
· Children’s wellbeing and safeguarding
· Education and Skills
· Health, Care and Prevention
· Communities and Localities
· Transport, Economy and Infrastructure
· Highways
· Council Leadership

A series of public roadshows to discuss Looking to the Future have been organised during November, starting in Gloucester on 1 November and ending in Cheltenham on 30 November.
· 1 November 2018 13:45 – 16:45 The Cross, Gloucester
· 21 November 2018 12:00 – 15:00 Stroud Town Centre
· 22 November 2018 11:00 – 14:00 Tewkesbury Spring Gardens Car Park
· 23 November 2018 10:00 – 13:00 Cinderford Town Centre (The Triangle)
· 29 November 2018 10:00 – 13:00 Cirencester Market Place
· 30 November 2018 11:30 – 14:30 Cheltenham Town Centre (outside Marks & Spencer)
For more information and a copy of Looking to the Future visit: www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/lookingtothefuture

Theft From Vehicles in Mitton And Town Centre Tewkesbury

We have received the following information from the Police:

We have suffered a spate of thefts from vehicles occurring at night, particularly on the Mitton Estate and in Tewkesbury Town centre.

Please ensure you always lock your vehicle and do not leave any items clearly visible in your vehicles.

Always take out any valuable items such as laptops and wallets.

The offenders go looking around numerous vehicles trying doors to see if open and will smash a window if they see a possible valuable item in the vehicle.

Household Recycling Centre Seasonal Closures

From 28th October Gloucestershire County Council’s Household Recycling Centres will be closed one day mid-week, either on a Tuesday, a Wednesday or a Thursday.

As the evenings get colder and darker, the HRCs across the county receive almost 30 per cent less waste and recycling. In order to reflect this and save taxpayers money, HRCs will be open from 10am until 4pm, six days a week.

On Tuesdays, Fosse Cross (Cirencester) and Oak Quarry (Coleford) will be closed.
On Wednesdays, Pyke Quarry (Horsley near Stroud) and Wingmoor Farm (Bishops Cleeve) will be closed.
On Thursdays, Hempsted (Gloucester) will be closed.

The information on the closure days and new seasonal times are now online at www.recycleforgloucestershire.com .

TBC adopt Joint Core Strategy

JCS adopted by Tewkesbury Borough Council

Following the full council meeting on Tuesday 5 December, Tewkesbury Borough Council has voted in favour of adopting the proposed Joint Core Strategy (JCS).

Gloucester City Council adopted the strategy on Thursday 23 November 2017 and Cheltenham Borough Council has a full council meeting scheduled for Monday 11 December.  All three councils must vote in favour of accepting the plans in order for the JCS to be adopted.

More detail regarding the strategy can be found on the JCS website: https://jointcorestrategy.org


What is JCS?

The Joint Core Strategy (JCS) is a really important document that will affect everyone that lives and works in Gloucester City, Cheltenham Borough and Tewkesbury Borough. It sets out the identified need and location for employment and housing sites and associated infrastructure up to 2031.

To help shape this future development, the JCS sets out a long-term vision for the area together with policies relating to important issues such as flooding, green belt and affordable housing. These policies are vital because they will essentially define what developers can and cannot do in the JCS area.

The strategy is based on an evidence base. This is a key point, because it means that our preferred approach to future development isn’t based on our opinions, but is founded on impartial and independent evidence. Examples of documents that sit within our evidence base include a green belt review, flood risk assessments, housing needs assessments, housing land availability assessments and a full review of infrastructure needs.

The JCS must also comply with national planning policy guidance set by the government and it must be based on local, statistical evidence such as population changes and economic forecasts.