Interested in Planning? Co-option Vacancy Details

In its role as a consultee, Tewkesbury Town Council has the opportunity to influence planning policy both at a national and a local level, as well as to analyse and comment on the potential impact of a wide range of different planning proposals in and around Tewkesbury.

Here, we have a unique historical built environment which it is our duty to protect, while at the same time promoting a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle for our parishioners.

As the planning system comes under pressure to change, in order to overcome the twin challenges of COVID 19 and Brexit, we invite members of the public to volunteer for co-option onto our Planning Committee, to ensure that we have the resources to continue to give informed and balanced responses to planning applications.

Committee meetings take place approximately once a fortnight and there are training materials available.

For more information contact the Town Council on 01684 294639 or email

Tewkesbury Borough Council to resume car parking charges on 13th July 2020

Parking charges in car parks owned and managed by Tewkesbury Borough Council will resume on Monday 13 July.

Charges were temporarily suspended on Tuesday 24 March in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, but as government restrictions are gradually being lifted, car parking charges will soon resume.

With most non-essential retail stores reopening on Monday 15 June, the borough council will continue to suspend parking charges for a further four weeks after this date to allow traders and shoppers to become accustomed to the new safety arrangements. Following almost 16 weeks of free parking, charges will resume on Monday 13 July.

The council is urging anyone parking after 13 July to use the Ringo app on a mobile device to avoid handling cash, and there is also the option to call the Ringo number to pay over the phone. This service is now free to use.

Another option is for shoppers to use the Paypoints in Tewkesbury and Winchcombe, where parking can be paid for using a contactless card. When using Paypoint locations, drivers must take note of the car park number, found on the ticket machines and lamposts.

Councillor Robert Vines, lead member for finance and asset management said: “We hope that shoppers and traders find the extended free parking useful as they familiarise themselves with the changes put in place to make our high streets safer.

“The charges will resume on 13 July, so in preparation, I would urge drivers to use the cashless payment system and download the Ringo app – this is the safest and most convenient way to pay. Other options are to call the Ringo number and pay over the telephone or use the PayPoints located in nearby shops.”

The council has also temporarily increased the number of parking permits available to help residents who need off-street parking whilst working from home. For details of prices and to apply for a permit, visit:

Car Parking Charges Temporarily Suspended

Parking charges in car parks owned and managed by Tewkesbury Borough Council have been suspended with immediate effect.

The move is in response to the Covid-19 restrictions put in place to protect the NHS and save lives. People should only leave their homes to collect food, for health reasons or for essential work.

It is hoped that by suspending parking charges in council-owned car parks in Tewkesbury and Winchcombe, people will find it easier to access the food and health care they need locally whilst restrictions on movements are in place.

It will also help residents who are now required to work from home and don’t have parking facilities. Those with parking permits will be compensated for this suspension.

Charges will initially be suspended whilst the Government’s current measures, in respect of Covid-19, are in place but this will be kept under review.

Remember that the advice is to stay 2 metres away from others, so please leave adequate space between cars when parking.

The payment machines will be covered over with immediate effect

Town Council Services during Covid-19 restrictions

Further to the Government restrictions announced last night (Monday 23rd March) the Town Hall will be closed with immediate effect.

In addition the play parks at Mitton, Derek Graham and Prior’s Park will also be closed to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

A limited number of our public toilets will currently remain open at Spring Gardens & Gloucester Road to support key workers who may need them.

If you need to urgently contact the Town Council, please do so on our usual number 01684 294639 or email