The Town Council meets in full every month, as well as delegating some of its powers to committees that meet separately throughout the year. For full details of when the Council or one of its committees will be meeting, please refer to the meeting schedule. To view the agendas of past or upcoming meetings, click here. To view the minutes of past meetings, click here.

Below are the committees and their general responsibilities as of June 2016. 

Buildings & Moorings

To oversee the management of the:

  • Town Hall
  • Watson Hall
  • Town Museum
  • The Cross
  • The Saffron Road Site
  • Moorings sites along the River Avon

To deal with:

  • Applications for discounted hire rates
  • Disputes over moorings space

Environment & Amenities

To oversee the management of the:

  • Play areas
  • Public conveniences
  • Street furniture
  • CCTV

Finance & Staffing

To oversee the management of:

  • All Financial matters (including Risk Assessment)
  • Ensure audit requirements are met
  • All staff (and ensure the Council is adequately staffed)

To oversee matters relating to:

  • Complaints
  • Code of Conduct
  • Staffing policies


To consider and respond to:

  • Planning applications
  • Highways schemes
  • Government consultations

The Planning Committee operates on an advisory basis only and its decisions are not binding on Tewkesbury Town Council or any other local authority.

Severn Ham

To oversee the management of the Severn Ham.