Tewkesbury Town Council rents out and maintains a series of moorings along the River Avon in Tewkesbury. The terms of hire are stipulated in the Moorings Rental Contract available on this page. The management of the moorings is the responsibility of the Buildings & Moorings committee. There are three types of moorings available for hire under different circumstances.

If you have any queries about the moorings then contact the office on 01684 294639 or email secretary@tewkesburytowncouncil.gov.uk with your inquiry. Further information on the specific mooring types as well as a sample moorings contract can be found in the expandable tabs below.

  • St Mary's Road Moorings

    The Town Council maintains a set of 4 private moorings in a fenced area adjacent to St Mary’s Road. These are available to moor boats for non-commercial purposes at a rate of £2.60 per ft per month. The moorings currently have tenants in place, but members of the public interested in taking up a space in future can pass their details on to the Town Hall and will be added to a waiting list in the event of a vacancy appearing.

  • Back of Avon Moorings

    Two of the moorings along the Back of Avon are suitable for commercial use and are occupied during the summer period to provide boat trips along the river. Whilst they are vacant over the winter they are available for private hire.

  • 48 Hour Moorings

    A series of transit moorings are available over the summer for 48 hour periods along the Back of Avon. Boat owners wishing to moor at one of these moorings must pay the relevant fees to the lock keeper rather than Tewkesbury Town Council directly. Stays of longer than 48 hours at these moorings are not permitted.

    Over the winter these moorings are available for longer stays under the private moorings rules. This entails a 6 month rental contract directly with the Town Council at the usual rate of £2.6 x ft per month.

    For further information on the 48 hour moorings contact the Avon Navigation Trust.