The Town Council consists of sixteen councillors who serve for four years. They are all volunteers and receive no payment for their services. They make the decisions at regular committee meetings and full council meetings. All councillors are summoned to attend full council meetings.

Some councillors are also members of outside bodies. For more information click here.

Alan Hayes – Deputy Town Mayor

Councillor (Newtown Ward)

I moved with my family to Tewkesbury in 1979 to…

Catherine Robertson

Councillor (Newtown Ward)

My husband and I moved to Tewkesbury in 2021, having…

Emma Ash

Councillor (North Ward)

Hello, my name’s Emma and I’m excited to be joining…

Jessica Baddams

Councillor (North Ward)

I moved to Tewkesbury just over a year ago in…
Joanne Raywood for website

Joanne Raywood

Councillor (South Ward), Chair of Planning Committee

I moved to Tewkesbury from northern England with my husband…

Katie Moran

Councillor (South Ward)

Having grown up in Tewkesbury, I moved away after university…

Matt Dimond-Brown

Councillor (South Ward), Borough Councillor

I am recently retired from GCHQ having had a wonderful…

Paul Jones – Town Mayor

Councillor (North Ward), Chair of Staffing Committee

I first came to Gloucestershire in 1987, then moved to…

Rachel Langdon

Councillor (North Ward)

I moved to Gloucestershire from the Midlands in 2007 and…
Simon Raywood for website

Simon Raywood

Councillor (South Ward), Chair of Environment & Amenitites Committee

I was born in Cheltenham and have lived almost my…

Hilarie Bowman

Councillor (South Ward), Borough Councillor

I moved to Tewkesbury in July 2019 from Milton Keynes,…

Phillip Brookes

Councillor (South Ward), Chair of Severn Ham Committee

I had a very happy childhood,  growing up in a…
Cate Cody for website

Cate Cody

Councillor (South Ward), Borough Councillor, County Councillor

I have lived in Tewkesbury since 1993 and feel honoured…

Chris Danter – Town Mayor

Councillor (South Ward), Chair of Buildings & Moorings and Finance Committees

I came to Tewkesbury from my home town in Bedfordshire…

Vernon Smith

Councillor (Newtown Ward), County Councillor

The people of Newtown elected me as a Town Councillor…

Mike Sztymiak

Councillor (North Ward), Borough Councillor

Mike is a Councillor for Tewkesbury North Ward as well…
Tewkesbury Town Council