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Jessica Baddams

Councillor (North Ward)

I moved to Tewkesbury just over a year ago in 2022 as my husband was posted here with the military, our previous posting was Lincolnshire for 7 years. I’m bilingual as I was born in Spain, my father is from La Rioja and my mum from North Yorkshire! You could say, I’ve travelled through life.

We have a teenager and surprise twin 5 year olds, I work part time locally, and my passion and plan for the future is in environmental and equality matters.

As well as getting involved in my local, friendly Green Party, I’ve been really lucky to volunteer with our local nature reserve on various education projects, it’s currently seeking further funding revenues and it’s our favourite walk and litter picking spot.

I’m a huge fan of projects and groups coming together to create a bigger impact, so I’m actively involved with Vision 21 and take part in as many of their learning and co-working events as possible, after my recent submission of ideas to the climate Changemakers pilot I’ve been offered educational opportunities despite been out of the Cheltenham catchment area, as a working parent this is invaluable as have limited opportunities for further study.

I’m also training to be a climate FRESK facilitator, to make education and solution-based thinking accessible to all. I really enjoy cycling and lowering my impact at every turn, learning and evolving every day.

When it comes to it; the earth is all we need so we must look after it, for everyone.

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