Town Mayor

Town Mayor

Simon Raywood for website


Town Mayor 2022-23

Cllr Simon Raywood

The Town Mayor is elected at the Annual Mayor Making meeting and invested with the chain of office.  The Town Mayor is the first citizen of Tewkesbury town and represents the Town at a wide range of civic functions and local events.

At the Full Council meeting held on Monday 9th May 2022, Cllr Simon Raywood was invested as Town Mayor.  Cllr Mike Sztymiak was invested as Deputy Town Mayor.  Cllr Simon  Raywood appointed Cllr Joanne Raywood as his Consort and The Reverend David Coulton as Mayor’s Chaplain.  Each year the Town Mayor selects organisations which are then supported over the course of the year by charity events. During his year in office Cllr Simon Raywood will be focusing on accessibility.  Details of specific charities to be confirmed.

Invite the Town Mayor

The Administration Assistant is the Town Mayor’s PA and manages the Town Mayor’s diary and appointments.  To invite the Town Mayor to your event or function please complete the Mayor-Invitation-Pro-forma.

Please email the form to  The Town Mayor and Deputy Town Mayor attend many events each year.  These can include: opening events, services, awards ceremonies, fundraising events, community/school events, fairs/fetes, theatre/the arts and formal receptions etc.

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