Environment & Amenities

Environment & Amenities

Environment & Amenities

To oversee the management of the:

  • Play areas
  • Public conveniences
  • Street furniture
  • CCTV


Committee Members


Jessica Baddams

Councillor (North Ward)

Tewkesbury North Ward. I moved to Tewkesbury just over a…

Joanne Raywood for website

Joanne Raywood

Councillor (South Ward), Chair of Planning Committee

Tewkesbury South Ward. I moved to Tewkesbury from northern England…

Simon Raywood for website

Simon Raywood

Chair of Environment & Amenitites Committee (Tewkesbury South Ward)

Tewkesbury South Ward. I was born in Cheltenham and have…


Chris Danter – Town Mayor

Councillor (Tewkesbury South Ward), Chair of Buildings & Moorings and Finance Committees

Tewkesbury South Ward. I came to Tewkesbury from my home…


Mike Sztymiak

Councillor (North Ward), Borough Councillor

Mike is a Councillor for Tewkesbury North Ward as well…


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