Buildings & Moorings

Buildings & Moorings

Buildings & Moorings

To oversee the management of the:

  • Town Hall
  • Watson Hall
  • Town Museum
  • The Cross
  • The Saffron Road Site
  • Moorings sites along the River Avon

To deal with:

  • Applications for discounted hire rates
  • Disputes over moorings space


Committee Members


Simon Raywood for website

Simon Raywood – Town Mayor

Town Mayor, Chair of Environment & Amenitites & Finance Committees (Tewkesbury South Ward)

Tewkesbury South Ward. I was born in Cheltenham and have…
Hilarie Bowman

Hilarie Bowman

Councillor (Tewkesbury South Ward)

Tewkesbury South Ward. I moved to Tewkesbury in July 2019…
Cllr K Brennan 5

Karen Brennan

Councillor (Newtown Ward)

Newtown Ward. Karen Brennan - Register of Members' interests
Cllr Danter

Chris Danter

Councillor, Chair of Buildings & Moorings Committee (Tewkesbury South Ward)

Tewkesbury South Ward. Chris Danter Register of Members' Interests

Rod Gurney

Councillor (North Ward)

Tewkesbury North Ward. Born in Tewkesbury, I grew up on…

Ken Powell

Councillor (Tewkesbury North Ward)

Tewkesbury North Ward. Ken Powell Register of Members' Interests
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