Disposal of household items contaminated by flooding

To help with the disposal of household items that were contaminated or damaged as a result of the recent flooding, Tewkesbury Borough Council is offering a free bulky items collection service to residents in affected areas.

To arrange for the collection of contaminated items for your home, contact their Customer Services team on 01684 295010.

They will need to take some details from you, including your address and the nature of the items to be collected.

In addition to the free bulky items collection service, waste crews will also be driving through flood-affected areas on upcoming dates to collect any items presented on the kerbside. Residents will not need to book a slot for this service.

The first of these will be in flood-affected areas in Longford on Saturday, 13 January – residents will need to have the bulky items they wish to be collected ready on the kerbside by 8am.

Further dates and locations will be announced shortly.

These disposal services are only for residents whose properties have been impacted by this month’s floods.

Please remember to check with your insurance provider before disposing of any contaminated items.

Information on how to dispose of sandbags will be released shortly.

Tewkesbury Town Council