3 thoughts on “GCC Parking Strategy Consultation for Tewkesbury

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    Kimberly Hawkins

    This parking scheme is awful, not only will it affect local traders but will in essence kill off the town. The town has changed so much over the years I have lived in the Tewkesbury and things are becoming less available and less choice unless you want a coffee or a charity shop.

    As for the residential scheme why not come up with a more affordable parking scheme for people who work in the town? I feel that I pay enough in council tax, income tax and other taxes that this stealth tax for parking outside my own home is the last straw. I am not happy with the planned proposal and oppose it.

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    Dr G D H Shephard

    The plan makes parking more difficult and expensive for Tewkesbury High Street and Barton Street. Surely the idea should be to make it easier and cheaper for limited shopping time parking on these streets to help local traders.

  3. The new parking scheme plans for Tewkesbury town centre will be prohibitive in terms of welcoming visitors and locals from coming into the centre to support local businesses. However, the on-street permit parking scheme to provide spaces for local residents is understandable and acceptable. There is a good bus service into town already, and there are adequate car parks (when no there’s no flooding) for those who intend to come in to town to park for short/long stay terms, with enough on-street daytime I hour parking provision to ensure reasonable turnover in parking during the day. As a newcomer having never yet failed to find a parking place in town, satisfied with the 9am to 5pm 1 hour restriction, the scheme for 8am to 8 pm paid parking on main streets seems to me to be counterproductive. Paid parking on-street will almost certainly deter causal visitors, drive away some town centre shoppers or customers, and make it even harder for local traders to sustain their business in the ‘High street’ environment, when the public may chose to go to out of town shops (generally with plentiful free parking) instead of loyally supporting the businesses thriving in, and contributing to, the wonderful sense of community hereabouts.

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