Access to sand bags and pea gravel at ballast bins across Tewkesbury town

UPDATE @ 15:45 on 4th January

The ballast bin at Station Road is now empty, however a good supply is still available from the bins at Tewkesbury School and by Tewkesbury Borough Council office.

All sandbags at the Town Hall have now been distributed.


There are three ballast bins containing pea gravel in Tewkesbury Town.  They are located next to Tewkesbury Borough Council, on Station Road and next to the entrance to Tewkesbury School.

The bins contain pea gravel which can be used to fill sandbags and then used with plastic sheeting to provide protection.  They should not be used as a stand-alone defence.

Sandbags are stored at the Town Hall and some Town Councillors also hold a small supply.  The main supply of sandbags for the town is held by Tewkesbury Borough Council.

Please contact the Town Hall office on 01684 294639 if you require assistance.  The office is open until 3pm today, Thursday 4th January.


Tewkesbury Town Council