Covid-19 – Tewkesbury Borough Council tax discount for those on low incomes

Tewkesbury Borough Council will receive a Hardship Fund from Government in April 2020.

The fund will allow the council to apply a discount to council tax bills for working-age residents who are on low incomes and in receipt of Council Tax Reduction. These residents will receive a one-off award of £150 towards their 2020/2021 council tax bill.

If your balance for 2020/2021 is nil, then no payment can be granted. If you have a balance that is less than £150 your balance will be cleared in full. This deduction is for 2020/2021 only (even if you have a balance from previous years).

Residents who meet the criteria do not need to apply for this payment, it will be identified and paid automatically. Once the discount has been applied, customers will receive a new bill showing the deduction.

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