Tewkesbury Museum to Restore Fairground Display

Tewkesbury Museum is proud to announce that has started a major project to refurbish one of its largest and most popular displays, the model fairground.

The fairground was originally built in the 1950s as a touring exhibition, with fully moving rides, lights and music. It was given to Tewkesbury, where it was displayed in the Town Hall and gardens. Unfortunately it fell into disrepair, and by 1981, when it was presented to the museum many of the parts were damaged, and the motors, lighting and sound systems has all failed.

Since then, it has been cleaned and cared for, but largely remained a static display.

Tewkesbury Museum has started to rebuild the five remaining powered rides. All will be stripped down, repaired and new motors, lighting, sound installed. All the stalls, trucks and figures will also be repaired as needed. Link to video showing strip down of “Cars” ride

Finally, the museum will build a new cabinet to house the completed fairground, with a bespoke electronic control system, in the ground floor front room, to provide a shop window for the museum.

Most of the work will be carried out by a small skilled team of volunteers; engineers, model makers and seamstresses. But contractors will be employed to install new heating, room lighting and security.  The museum estimates the cost at £7000, and is looking for donations from businesses and individuals to help meet the cost.

Bill Adie, Fairground Project Leader 07736 015668


Tewkesbury Town Council