Tewkesbury Borough Press Release – Do you have a property to let?

Tewkesbury Borough Council is looking to team up with local landlords to help those struggling with accommodation due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

 With the financial strain hitting many households, some residents have not only lost their jobs, but their home too. Housing officers have seen a 100% increase in demand for temporary or emergency accommodation, when compared with the same time last year.

 The private lettings, sales and holiday-let market has also suffered and although restrictions are slowly being lifted, the pandemic has left many landlords with empty accommodation and no income. Housing officers are appealing to landlords in this situation to take advantage of Home Seeker Plus’s private lettings scheme. By signing up, they can enjoy a range of benefits, with many options available to help maintain rental income, even where a tenant might be experiencing financial hardship.

Councillor Gill Blackwell, lead member for housing, said: “We have seen a worrying increase in housing need since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Landlords – and anyone wanting to bring an empty property back in to use – have a real opportunity to play a key role in making a difference to people affected directly by this crisis and the knock-on effects of the pandemic.

 “I’d urge landlords and property owners to get in touch with our private lettings team who can advise them about Homeseeker Plus and the support it offers both landlords and tenants, which will hopefully lead to sustained and consistent tenancies.”

 To find out more please visit:

Tewkesbury Town Council