TBC adopt Joint Core Strategy

JCS adopted by Tewkesbury Borough Council

Following the full council meeting on Tuesday 5 December, Tewkesbury Borough Council has voted in favour of adopting the proposed Joint Core Strategy (JCS).

Gloucester City Council adopted the strategy on Thursday 23 November 2017 and Cheltenham Borough Council has a full council meeting scheduled for Monday 11 December.  All three councils must vote in favour of accepting the plans in order for the JCS to be adopted.

More detail regarding the strategy can be found on the JCS website:


What is JCS?

The Joint Core Strategy (JCS) is a really important document that will affect everyone that lives and works in Gloucester City, Cheltenham Borough and Tewkesbury Borough. It sets out the identified need and location for employment and housing sites and associated infrastructure up to 2031.

To help shape this future development, the JCS sets out a long-term vision for the area together with policies relating to important issues such as flooding, green belt and affordable housing. These policies are vital because they will essentially define what developers can and cannot do in the JCS area.

The strategy is based on an evidence base. This is a key point, because it means that our preferred approach to future development isn’t based on our opinions, but is founded on impartial and independent evidence. Examples of documents that sit within our evidence base include a green belt review, flood risk assessments, housing needs assessments, housing land availability assessments and a full review of infrastructure needs.

The JCS must also comply with national planning policy guidance set by the government and it must be based on local, statistical evidence such as population changes and economic forecasts.

Tewkesbury Town Council