From Monday, Ubico will be carrying out the catch up collections for refuse and recycling bins that were missed on Friday 2 March.

  • Blue recycling bins will be emptied Monday 5 March
  • Green refuse bins will be emptied Tuesday 6 March

 Food and garden waste

Unfortunately there are not enough collection vehicles to empty the brown garden waste bins from Friday therefore these will be emptied on the next scheduled day which is Friday 16 March. See note below about extra garden waste. There will not be any catch up food collections as there are no spare food waste vehicles to collect it. The next food waste collection will be Friday 9 March.

Please note:

Garden waste collections on Monday 5 March and Tuesday 6 March will not take place as these vehicles are being used to collect the weather impacted refuse and recycling collections. 1 or 2 bags can be put alongside the garden waste bin on the next collection. This is the same for the garden waste collections from Friday 2 March only. Excess garden waste can also be taken to the household recycling centres at Wingmoor Farm near Bishops Cleeve or Hempsted in Gloucester.

 Please see this link to the web article which also contains information on reporting missed bins etc:

It is expected that there will be missed bins / reports for the next fortnight or so and Ubico are aware of this so will be planning extra trips if needed. Customer services will also be able to post out blue bags should people miss Monday’s blue bin catch up but are happy to wait until the next collection.

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