Interested in Planning? Co-option Vacancy Details

In its role as a consultee, Tewkesbury Town Council has the opportunity to influence planning policy both at a national and a local level, as well as to analyse and comment on the potential impact of a wide range of different planning proposals in and around Tewkesbury.

Here, we have a unique historical built environment which it is our duty to protect, while at the same time promoting a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle for our parishioners.

As the planning system comes under pressure to change, in order to overcome the twin challenges of COVID 19 and Brexit, we invite members of the public to volunteer for co-option onto our Planning Committee, to ensure that we have the resources to continue to give informed and balanced responses to planning applications.

Committee meetings take place approximately once a fortnight and there are training materials available.

For more information contact the Town Council on 01684 294639 or email

Tewkesbury Town Council