Finance & Staffing

To oversee the management of:

  • All Financial matters (including Risk Assessment)
  • Ensure audit requirements are met
  • All staff (and ensure the Council is adequately staffed)

To oversee matters relating to:

  • Complaints
  • Code of Conduct
  • Staffing policies

Committee Members

  • Pete Aldridge

    Councillor Aldridge has not provided any information. Pete Aldridge Register of Members’ Interests
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  • Karen Brennan

    Councillor Brennan has not provided any information. Karen Brennan Register of Members’ Interests
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  • Helen Burns

    Outside bodies: Gloucestershire Market Towns Forum. Having had a background and a keen interest in Localism and after following TTC for a number of years, I stood for and was elected to serve the Priors Park Ward for 4 years in 2015. I have always been keen for TTC to emulate the success of TIB, […]
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  • Chris Danter

    Councillor Danter has not provided any information. Chris Danter Register of Members’ Interests
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  • Mark Poxon

    Councillor Poxon has not provided any information. Mark Poxon Register of Members’ Interests
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  • Simon Raywood

    I was born in Cheltenham and have lived almost my entire life here in Tewkesbury.  I have memories of many great events during which the people of Tewkesbury have come together as a community: – firework displays on the Vineyards, carnivals and of course the Floods of 2007, during which the best of Tewkesbury’s community […]
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  • Mike Sztymiak

    Councillor Sztymiak has not provided any information. Mike Sztymiak Register of Members’ Interests
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  • Phillip Workman

    I have served on the Town Council since 2006 and from May 2009, for a year, honoured to be Town Mayor.  I currently chair the Buildings and Moorings committee. Being a Borough Councillor also and together with plenty of business experince I, hopefully, can bring local knowledge and common sense to decision making.  Valuing our […]
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