Below is a list of current Tewkesbury Town Council policies and procedures.

If there are any issues with these items or you believe a council policy has been omitted or left inaccessible in error then please call 01684 294639 or email us at as a matter of urgency.

  • Standing Orders (679 kB)

  • Moorings Rental Contract (298 kB)

    Please note that you will first need to contact us to confirm that a mooring is available before completing this form. We can only accept booking forms once a specific mooring has been agreed.

  • Grant Application Form (134 kB)

    This form is used by community groups to apply to the Town Council for a financial grant.

  • Price List for Town Hall & Watson Hall (224 kB)

    This document lists to prices for each bookable room in our facilities as well as any weekend or all day booking rates. Prices are given both with and without VAT.

  • Request for Discretionary Rate Form (316 kB)

    This form is used to make a request to Buildings & Moorings for a special price arrangement for hiring the Town Hall or Watson Hall. Please do not fill out this form unless you have discussed the matter with us in advance. This form is only applicable to people who have already completed a booking form.

  • Publication Scheme (167 kB)

    This lists the documents and information the Town Council has agreed to or is obliged to publish on its website or for inspection in person at the Town Hall.

  • Emergency Response Plan (512 kB)

    The Emergency Response Plan provides instructions on how councillors are to react in the event of a major flooding incident in Tewkesbury.

  • Complaints Procedure (284 kB)

    The Complaints Procedure sets out how members of the public can express their concerns or grievances to the Town Council.

  • Code of Members Conduct (257 kB)

    The Code of Members Conduct sets out how councillors are required to behave as part of their membership of the Town Council.