To the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty,
Our Sovereign Lady Elizabeth
By the Grace of God
Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,
Head of the Commonwealth of Nations, Defender of the faith.
We, the Mayor, Councillors and people of this ancient town of Tewkesbury do send to
your Majesty and his Royal Highness,
Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh, our most loyal greetings and congratulations on this
your 70th Wedding Anniversary.
We joyfully recall that wonderful November day in 1947 when the drabness and sadness
of the second world war was set aside with a rainbow of colours; with your household
troops once again in their full ceremonial scarlet.
The mall full of the sounds of marching bands and the glorious cacophony of the hooves
and jingling harness of the household cavalry.
These sights and sounds we had almost forgotten; that made your wedding day even
more memorable.
We thank you both for your selfless devotion to the people of this island and to your
lands beyond the seas.
May almighty God continue to bless your glorious reign.

Given to my hand this 20th day of November in the Year of our Lord
Two Thousand and Seventeen.


CRIED FROM THE TOP OF THE TOWER OF The Abbey Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Tewkesbury
by Michael David Kean-Price – Town Sarjent and Common Crier
Formerly of your Majesty’s Royal Regiment of Horse Guards (The Blues)

Tewkesbury Town Council