Christmas Blessings – Tewkesbury Foodbank

Christmas will soon be here and for some of you the joy of the festival can be spoilt by the worry of trying to find extra food and presents. This year it is even more worrying, as more families will be
struggling because of reduced incomes Tewkesbury Foodbank would like to help you by providing Christmas Blessings 2021
Especially if you have needed to visit us in the last 3 months.

With the support of local businesses, we will be issuing a variety of vouchers, redeemable in local stores. This should take away some of the worry of Christmas this year. We are confident that you will find these useful as this will allow you to choose what ‘Goodies’ you or your family would like to eat. We will also have available some Christmas items to give you at our Centre.

Christmas Blessings 2021 Form 2

Tewkesbury Town Council