Be Prepared: Bag it and Bin it!

Now that spring has sprung, Tewkesbury Borough Council is asking dog owners to join the dog walking community in bagging and binning dog poo.

A new Public Space Protection Order has been introduced which now gives council officers more powers to tackle dog fouling across Tewkesbury Borough. As part of the order, dog walkers can not only be fined £100 for not picking up after their dogs, but can now also get a £100 fixed penalty notice for not carrying dog poo bags.

The council is aware that most people are picking up after their pets but, sadly, the small few who don’t are continuing to risk the health of others. Dog faeces carries the risk of disease, particularly Toxacariasis – an infection caused by roundworm parasites.

As a result, environmental health officers will be working with parish councils to spread awareness of the new Public Space Protection Order across Tewkesbury Borough. Old signs will be replaced with new ones, and patrols will be carried out regularly at dog fouling hot spots.

Lead member for clean and green environment, Councillor Jim Mason, said: “We want to stress that we know most dog walkers are not affected at all by our new Public Space Protection Order – they pick up after their dogs as a normal part of their walk. But for those who ignore their dog’s mess, it’s very hard to gather the evidence needed to fine them. Officers rely on witness statements or a well-timed patrol. We hope that the order will spur people into leaving the house prepared and equipped to pick up their dog’s poo.”


There are two exemptions of the Public Space Protection Order:

    • where a person is blind
    • where a person has a disability and needs an assistance dog.
Tewkesbury Town Council