25th January – Suspended waste and recycling collections today due to inclement weather

Tewkesbury Borough Council and Ubico have taken the decision to suspend all waste and recycling collections today as the road and pavement conditions are hazardous. The operations team have travelled some of the routes this morning and reported the conditions are very slippery for both the crew members pushing and carrying containers, as well as the HGVs they drive.

There is an added concern regarding the number of parked cars on the roads due to people working from home which will have added to the challenge of driving the routes safely.

The missed collections will take place over the week with the crews adding today’s rounds over the rest of the week. It is hoped to get them done by Friday but may possibly be into Saturday.

Residents are asked not to report their bin as a missed bin, but to leave the containers out and the crews will be along this week at some point to empty them.

Bulky item collections will be rebooked through Customer Services.

Tewkesbury Town Council